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China develops investment Sudan gold and iron ore resource

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It is reported, sudan the sources of energy and Aode Aihamaide Guci of mining industry minister (Zhou Yi of Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz) says, the China of the heavyweight investor that already became Sudan oil industry had signed cooperative agreement with Sudan, develop investment the gold of this country and iron ore resource.

He expresses in the clearance that attends plenary meeting of entrepreneur of the 2nd Central Africa, these gold and iron ore project will at next year inchoate put into production.

According to saying, ceremonially is made an appointment with in closure of congress of entrepreneur of the 2nd Central Africa and project autograph, the government of African country and enterprise and the chime of business affairs contract that 11 domestic China enterprises sign 14 total amount to restrain 1.9 billion dollar are discussed, sign a project to cover infrastructure construction, communication and technical equipment exit.

"We just undertook arrange with with collaboration of digital and potential China, the part cooperates to just hope to develop golden mine in Sudan potentially, we had signed cooperative agreement. We had signed cooperative agreement..

"Still the company is interested in our iron ore resource, these iron ore are located in ministry of Sudan Chinese and Western. These iron ore are located in ministry of Sudan Chinese and Western..

But he was not offerred more, wait for detail like these Chinese company names.

He still expresses, already Chinese company states to the copper mine of this country development is interested, although did not reach agreement of copper mine cooperation. (pick sign up for from Chinese nonferrous metal)