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Pilot project starts fund of central geological perambulate

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Pilot project starts geological perambulate fund in the center of 2006 the conference is held in Beijing. Wang Min of undersecretary of ministry of land natural resources publishs a speech point out on the meeting, the key mine such as gas of the coal that the focal point that the limits that emphasis of ground collate fund supports defines with the country carries into mining area, coal-bed, uranous, iron, copper, aluminous, lead, zinc, manganese, nickel, tungsten, stannum, sylvite, gold is planted give priority to, the other and essential mineral products that country of proper give attention to two or morethings is badly in need of. Perambulate project should have better prospect seeking ore deposit, distant view dimensions should be achieved in, large, should highlight particularly look for big mine, provide mothball resource base for enterprise of large mining industry, achieve beneficial result of dimensions development, dimensions, alleviate effectively resource tie.

He points out, " the decision that the State Council works about strengthening geology " put forward clearly, the country establishs geological perambulate fund (gold of have enough to meet need) , move the early days perambulate that put sb in a very important position is planted at key mine and takes into mining area mainly, the play finance guiding to social capital action. The principal port that ground collate fund builds depends on, arrange of this with one action was broken long-term since national finance is onefold undertake the whole thing the mode of geological perambulate funds, formed much channel to throw the mechanism of geological perambulate; Be helpful for raising mineral products resource to ensure a level to what national economy and society can develop continuously, enhanced mineral products resource to be in the country is macroscopical the adjusting control ability in economy; Promoted ground collate to manage the innovation of system and geological team; Straightened the relation that job of commonweal sex geology and commerciality geology work; Promoted mining industry authority is paid of use system build and perfect.

He emphasizes, basis " the decision that the State Council works about strengthening geology " spirit, the main goal that central finance establishs ground collate fund is: Want the investment of perambulate of mineral products resource through increasing central finance counterpoise, realize geology to seek ore deposit hard major breakthrough, alleviate effectively the bottleneck tie that resource develops to economy, stimulative economy grows, ensure national safety; Enhance a country to be opposite the ability of macroscopical adjusting control of mineral products resource, reasonable guiding social capital is cast to, build perambulate of mineral products resource to throw benign loop mechanism; Push mining industry authority is paid use system reform, build resource managing model with the environment friendly model society; Promote geological perambulate to manage the innovation of system, those who realize perambulate of investigation of commonweal sex geology and commerciality mineral products is organic join, harmonious development.
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