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Saddle steel builds base of rolled steel of a high-quality goods again

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To accelerate the development of saddle hill economy, saddle steel Inc. invests build in haven of circle of battalion mouth Spanish mackerel rolled steel of a high-quality goods produces base.

According to the program, iron and steel of circle of saddle steel Spanish mackerel produces base project to cover an area of an area about 8. 3 square kilometer, need to fill the sea to make the land among them 3. 6 square kilometer. "Fill the sea to make the land " the construction gross that the action digs filling cubic metre of stone is 55 million stere, be equivalent to the half of project of 3 gorge water and electricity.

This project began build in August 2005, had neared end at present, enter workshop to build phase in succession. Predict to be in the beginning of the year is year end, devoted 2008 2007 production. This base predicts year of productivity to will obtain the high grade rolled steel of 4 million tons of above, can achieve value added tax 1 billion yuan, income tax 1.6 billion yuan.