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Conformity of resource of saddle hill mineral products and mine environment proc

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On October 25, the reporter is rectified in the round in saddle hill city and order of development of resource of normative mineral products rectifies the know on phases work meeting centrally, this city mineral products sees effect at the beginning of resource conformity and mine environment processing, already completed the executive plan of area of 15 resource conformity at present, gross area of plan conformity mining area 25.98 square kilometer, integrated resource gross 2.415 billion tons.

Will begin August from last year by this year June, saddle hill city reachs mine zoology environment to wait to the mine company of whole area undertook be discharginged in the round checking. On the foundation that investigates argumentation adequately, this the Chinese system of weights and measures was decided " conformity of mineral products resource is overall development program " . Be aimed at big mine is small, the phenomenon that one mine divides many home to extract undertakes dimensions structural adjustment, resource optimizes configuration and integrated development.