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The iron ore of Australia and Japan negotiates beforehand begin

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Negotiation of iron ore price was about to restart 2007, tycoon of global iron and steel already began rub one's fists and wipe one's palms-be eager for a fight. Tycoon of production of Australian iron ore needs and need develop and force develop had begun to mix Japanese steelworks " warm-up " .

According to news of Chinese steely network, company of production of Australian iron ore needs on the weekend and need develop and force pictures will leave Persia to attend to negotiate beforehand with the iron ore of Japanese steelworks to Sydney originally, this the negotiation will regard the iron ore of firm next year as the foundation of fiducial price. With China the negotiation of steelworks will spread out at next month.

Conference of business affairs of company of the 45th year ends Japan and Australia formally, bay day iron ore and coal commerce introduced formally in this conference Central Africa.

This year iron ore rose in price after 19 % , chinese steelworks expresses to won't be in those who accept any extent to rise next year. And need and need develop and force pictures show, demand of Asian iron ore is exuberant, price of next year iron ore will rise further. SamWalsh of force develop president says when accepting Sydney broadcasting station to interview " all evidence show, price of next year iron ore will rise further. At present iron ore market is supplied still nervous, and foreground of industry of iron and steel of next year whole world still hopeful, suffer this to prop up, price of next year iron ore will continue to rise. Price of next year iron ore will continue to rise..

Because demand of Chinese iron ore increases considerably, the attention that evidence makes clear Australian mine look forward to is being transferred to China from the Japan that cooperates for a long time.

To this, sam Walsh expresses, although at present China is of Australian iron ore the biggest buy the home, but the biggest iron ore that Australia is Japan is supplied square, what Australia regards Japan as iron and steel industry is one-stop raw material supplier, bilateral from which benefit. Although iron ore demand of China increases considerably continuously, but Australian mine look forward to is capable still to satisfy the requirement of Japanese steelworks.

Sam Walsh expresses finally, australian mine look forward to satisfies Chinese requirement through raising yield, but cut down long-term agreement nevertheless door supply,

To 2007 money year price of iron ore contract, the whole world seeks advice from orgnaization, stockjobber and investment bank greatly each this year calculate difference bigger. Forecasting the main basis that rise is Chinese demand lasts exuberant, and forecasting dropping main basis is China and output of Indian iron ore grow considerably.