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Learn two concepts of sea Er

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Serve as those who devote oneself to to cross a country to manage " leading sheep " , group of Qingdao sea Er is in all the time to make " famous brand of Hai Ershi bound " and hard. Old pioneering work obtained the result that your person fixes eyes upon eventually. Current, sea Er already built 13 plants in the United States, Italy, Moroccan and other places, in the whole world major area realized this locality of design, production and sale to change. Sea Er product already infiltrated 15 Dalian of European lock up 12 in inn, and 8 in 10 Dalian locksmith of American, sale twice grows. What the success of sea Er leans is advanced management concept, among them two appear Zhuo Er not group, be worth us to numerous company studies and be drawn lessons from.
One of: Ultimate goal of production is a brand, is not a product.
Sea Er goes in front of others, go in front of time, take the lead in be being begun to door going abroad cross a country to manage, need courage and bravery spirit not only, need wisdom more. Sea Er thinks, going to sea peripheral factory to produce a product is a method only, the purpose is to make world famous brand. It not only overseas runs a plant, sell a product, and exhibit through joining, advertise, buy Newyork city to indicate the brand such as sexual building popularizes a method to come the Er that it is the sea is famous, make brand trade with making sea Er develops from manufacturer as soon as possible.
Famous brand is the gold-lettered signboard of the enterprise, it is the pass with popular market. In light of the long-term interests that manages from production, make famous brand far excel makes high grade product only. The product is again good, the brand is not distinguished, what company earnings arrives is the value of the product merely, this one value is very finite. And famous brand is the hard currency on world market, invaluable, it is to be able to be aroused anyplace the omnipresent product that consumer buys, it is countless unified brands " banner " next relevant product markets are spruce sold total. The company that has eye truly uses total energy in make a brand, making a product is implementation only " famous brand dream " one indispensable but be not only measure definitely. After achievement is cosmopolitan well-known trademark business, him enterprise produced how many product to already notted matter, it can use its brand value and force, begin fictitious manage, let others produce a product for it, even if oneself do not produce a product, earn a basin in the market all the same full earthen bowl is full. Learn this one management concept of sea Er, with respect to the requirement our company jumps out narrow product produces " set pattern " , cherish is long-term, exert oneself brand is built, make world famous brand.
: The essence of sale is to buy, is not to sell, namely from the credit that the company buys over there the user.
Although produce management final order,mark is not a product, but making high grade product is the victory arrives however " the other shore " a indispensable necessary step and way. After product production comes out, the first task that the enterprise faces is to sell, namely " sell " . But " sell " the essence that is not sale, the essence of sale is to carry the product with outstanding sale, the results user accredit to the product, accredit to the enterprise, make an user right thereby product by realise acknowledge arrives again self-identity, meanwhile, foster a consumer to be opposite gradually the brand, beauty to the enterprise praise degree, faithfulness is spent. The finite, tangible value that obtains than selling a product, outstanding reputation is infinite, aeriform, however can the impel force with powerful translate into, appeal, cohesive affinity, these invisible force are to breed loyal shopper's essential element. Accumulate through what credit measures, the undertaking is final " buy " is more and more loyal shoppers, develop to can last of the enterprise from this lay solid foundation. Here, "Sell " it is presentative, "Buy " it is essential, sale is not equal to a sale, the sale is dinkum " sell " , sale is " buy " with " sell " organic and unified, it is the management concept of true internationalization. Learn this one management concept of sea Er, with respect to the requirement our company jumps out narrow product sells " set pattern " , the heart ties a customer, excellent service builds exert oneself, creating value ceaselessly for the client while, realize value for him enterprise.
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