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The 4 management principle of Welch

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Welch became the youngest CEO on GE history 1981. Come 17 years, the vendibility of the company the 12 billion dollar from before, exceed 400 billion dollar to nowadays, and all the time by accepted for management best show is mixed most one of companies that get praise highly.
Stretch: Welch thinks decisive do not contradict with flexibility, because of,administrative pattern must be met with management concept advocate of external environment change and change, the GE company that this makes global market prise highest still preserved god-given vigor and flexibility. He puts forward even, if an any business of the company cannot hold before 3 in the market share of this industry, or cannot enough gain, ought to exit stoutly. This causes the slashing level of numerous controversy, did not bring about the fall of company turnover however, make instead dedicated the GE competition ability at core business is more powerful, gain state is better.
Consecution: Welch is doctor of chemical industry of university of Yi benefit Nuo, mirror on management, often be good at arranging the job extremely systematically with respect to dispute, the meeting that he will spend every year, and even everyday the job is arranged scientific and compactly, the result that can get expectant is returned in busy job.
Communicate: The place with the most successful Welch, it is he is built in GE company informal communication company culture. He often " small take illicit visit " , in giving the whole world possibly even 340 thousand employee directly any one writes a letter or call, people is used " Jackie " come appellation he. Be opposite not only employee, also be such to the client. He most the example that often cites, want everybody to be taken out namely " drug-store " state of mind will manage GE. The characteristic of drug-store is a client the first, without frame, do not have so much unnecessary and overelaborate formalities.
Education: Welch values the on-the-job training of employee and educational job extremely, make GE has the manpower resource that take great pride all the time. GE company grooms every year in employee on devoted and tremendous, and in order to foster high-level administrator celebrated, down to GE is said to do the cradle that teems with CEO. Education goes so much phenom, the administrative wisdom that reflects a Welch to truly tower above prepares and leader are artistic.
These administrative principles of Welch, not only make GE is become powerful and the company that gets respect fully, also keep very good model to run a group.