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From " employee leaves his post interview " shallow discuss medium and small bus

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A enterprise is business of a trade, go up autumn since the staff invite applications for a job of A enterprise always is goodish, nice talented person is not the family is disrelished " temple is small " although stay constrainedly,be also " stay not to grow " . Manager of manpower resource department is to look to be urgent in the eye on the heart, company manager beyond always be fraught more. Then, satisfy decision and altogether of manpower resource director to go to invite applications for a job to meet, invite applications for a job can be like tide in field stream of people now, but other person is incomprehensible is to exhibit before how much doesn't the person that should try have however, especially the member that enterprise bar demonstrates this position is unmanned make inquires more. Really urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes beyond always, in the period of time that picks up the telephone outside manpower resource director, beyond always " medium " a place holds record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning to just be graduated from the examinee with article secret major, gentle and quiet disposition Miss Li, then one-sided decides try out this examinee. Then, the following day Miss Li issued advanced stage to fill in in more than total arrangement " personnel file is expressed " hind, allocate mount guard directly. After a month, manpower resource director receives " abrupt " announcement, demonstrate manager allege Miss Li how " disagreement group " " without working ability " , ministry of resource of labor power of strong demand company gives this employee repulsive. Undertook leaving one's post with Miss Li in director of open-eyed resource of A company labor power interview, in interview Miss Li expresses to work during company mount guard relatively perplexed did not get all the time any working arrangement; Incumbency accepted employee product to groom only; Most those who let its be borne hard is, a friend of Miss Li is an employee of competitor company, director much secondary begs Miss Li corkscrew " information " , down to affects the friend's friendly feelings and cause directly; Let Miss Li feel incomprehensible is additionally, second without reason encounters Ceng Duo to work in the same place and be led " supercilious look " . Appeal Wan Linlin a variety of " experience " , miss Li raises a doubt, namely " do you lack a person really? " the word comes the word is gone to, this employee leaves his post interview is returned finally is with " peace " means ends, but the HR feeling of A enterprise upsurges however billows...

Similar the employee in this case leaves his post interview to reality medium enterprise is one very common and general issue, but important is to pass through this case to be able to stay to us truly of a lot of think over.

1, multiple element controls enterprise, individual, market success or failure of company invite applications for a job.

From inside afore-mentioned case we see A industry appeared in talent invite applications for a job not hard " be in a dilemma " predicament. So, create A company the reason of this kind of predicament investigate what are its after all at all? Of company invite applications for a job " weak force " where be after all? This also is a lot of more current the problem that place of medium and small businesses should ponder over jointly.
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